Balkan Choirs

Here is a growing list of choirs made up mostly of non-East European singers who simply love and devote themselves to learning, perfecting and performing the region's gorgeous traditional songs. This list does not include the many groups found within ethnic communities throughout North America.

AE (duo of Aurelia Shrenker & Eva Salina Primack) in New York
Balkan Babes in Victoria, BC, CANADA
Born to Drone in Mountain View, CA
Bulgarian Voices in Seattle sponsored by the Bulgarian Cultural and Heritage Center of Seattle
Darena in Salt Lake City
Divi Zheni in Boston
Dunava in Seattle
Gradina in Sebastopol, CA
Kitka Women's Vocal Ensemble in San Francisco
Mila in Minneapolis
Mzekala in Tuscon, AZ
Nevenka in Los Angeles
Orfeia in Maryland and DC area
Planina in Denver
Podrushki in Grass Valley, CA
Rusalka in Ashland, OR
Slaveya in Washington DC
Svirka in Albuquerque, NM
Svitanyha in Philadelphia
Yale Slavic Chorus in Boston
Yasna Voices in Brooklyn, NY

From the first two choirs in which I sang in the 1970's, the Koleda Ensemble choir and Ruzice Folk Choir, over the years I have had the great joy to go on to direct a number of Balkan choirs including the Sedyanka Balkan Women's Choir, Vecherinka Balkan Women's Choir, the Vela Luka Croatian Ensemble, the New Land Choir and the glorious choir which sang for the magical Narodil se Mladi Kralj productions.  I feel a debt of gratitude to all those fine singers who gave me the incredible benefit of standing before their glorious music!

Folklife 2011

A magical moment in time in concert at the 2011 Northwest Folklife Festival with (from left to right) the woman who started the entire Balkan singing scene Ethel Raim, Aurelia Shrenker, Catherine Foster, Eva Salina Primack, Ruth Hunter and yours truly.